GB Transplant Squad

We are a truly unique collection of cyclists. All of us have had life supporting organ transplants, either heart, kidney, liver or bone marrow, without which we wouldn't be alive, let alone riding bikes. We exist to promote awareness of the benefits of organ donation and transplantation and as cyclists, we do this the only way we can, by riding and racing bikes.

We are based all over the UK, from Newcastle to Southampton, from Northern Ireland to Scotland. The current squad of riders includes men and women between the ages of 17 to 70. Most of us race regularly for our clubs and we come together to form the GBTx Cycling Team for training and competition.     

Over 90% of the UK population think the organ donor register is a good idea yet only 30% are actually on it. We get this. Joining the donor register takes seconds but the thinking behind it and the discussions with family members takes much longer. We want to play our part in closing the 60% gap - we've all benefited from donation, it's our job to get others to have a think about joining. We have, after all, got some skin in game.    

The team are entirely self funded, we raise money when and where we can to support our racing, commonly a trip to the World Transplant Games costs each rider £2500 ignoring equipment and training costs but hey, we love it and we get the honour of representing our country. That's not to say life wouldn't be much easier if the National Lottery, the NHS or British Cycling helped out a little...

‘Steve and Pro Vision have been supporters and sponsors of ours since the run up to World Transplant Games in South Africa in August 2013. Pro Vision kitted the 13 riders out for the event that saw us become the most successful transplant cycling team ever by winning 19 medals, 9 of them Gold. The kit played a big part in us looking like a professional team proud to represent our county. Steve and the team are great people to work with and produce awesome kit. They are gentlemen to do business with and we are proud to be associated with them